About Us

CIVINET CY-EL is the network of local public authorities of Greece and Cyprus who are dedicated to promoting sustainable mobility in the two Greek-speaking countries, under the auspices of the CIVITAS initiative. CIVINET CY-EL is run by CIVINET CY-EL Secretariat, a non-profit organisation, responsible for the financial management, coordination and the smooth administration of the Network and its supporting structures (Committees & Working Groups), alongside all of the activities performed.

The Network, already at the outset, enjoyed the support of more than 100 municipalities and 5 regions from Greece and Cyprus, as well as of the 3 Greek Ministries mainly responsible for mobility matters, namely the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy. Among the Network’s members, there are frontrunner cities and organisations from both Greece and Cyprus that participate in CIVITAS Research and Living Lab projects, e.g. Rethymnon (DESTINATIONS), Limassol (DESTINATIONS and PROSPERITY), Kalamaria (SUITS), Thessaloniki (SUNRISE), Trikala (CITIES4PEOPLE), Thermi (SUNRISE), THEPTA, Kalamaria, Pireaus, New Filadelfia-New Chalkidonna, Byron, Heraklion, Komotini, Sifnos (SUMPs-UP) and the Development Agency of Athens (NOVELOG) , Attica Region (U-TURN).

To serve the Network’s goals, CIVINET CY-EL Secretariat consists of an interdisciplinary team of 10 experts, transport and urban planners, architects and linguists. Half of the team have more than 15 years of experience, having dealt with a broad spectrum of mobility projects at both national and international levels, including mobility projects within URBACT, Interreg MED and Horizon 2020.

To address the needs of a very broad and diversified network, through the capitalisation on the existing knowledge and expertise, CIVINET CY-EL is framed by a Scientific Advisory Committee, which is supported by leading academic and research institutes of Greece and Cyprus. Moreover, in order to properly set out political priorities, reflect the local contexts and create a strong locally-driven momentum, the Network is supported by a Political Advisory Committee, while thematic, regional and national working groups have been stipulated, involving various technical, administrative and funding organisations alongside national and metropolitan transport operators.

CIVINET CY-EL, capitalising on the momentum created in the two countries, will focus its activity on:

a) ensuring access of the local public authorities to local, national and European financial instruments for sustainable mobility,

b) advocating for the necessary law transformations, and

c) ensuring that sustainable mobility stays on the top of the agenda and is broadly accepted by policy-makers, key stakeholders and citizens.

Moreover, it will communicate the local context at EU level, and especially within the CIVITAS community. In order to realise its goals, CIVINET CY-EL will organise events for knowledge-transfer, exchange of good practices and capacity building, site visits, webinars, political meetings and working groups, among others. In order for members to receive further support, plans for an online library of key-documents for mobility translated into Greek, as well as a Helpdesk for municipalities on mobility issues have been put forward.