Request for the withdrawal of a false statement concerning CIVITAS


As part of a series of legal actions that our Network has received from a former partner and employee, currently employed by Dynamic Vision P.C., we recently received a lawsuit file in which, in addition to the leak and distortion of many of our private conversations, it includes an affidavit from the Director of the company in question, stating that the company and/or its executives are “members of the CIVITAS Network”.

Following our communication with the CIVITAS Secretariat, we declare for all intents and purposes that only Local Authorities that have submitted the relevant documents to the CIVITAS Secretariat and have been approved by it, can be members of CIVITAS. No individual or private company can be a member of CIVITAS and therefore any statement to this effect is absolutely false and misleading.

In accordance with the instructions received from the European Secretariat, we call on any person or organization to strictly refrain from using the CIVITAS name and associating it with their person or organization for any purpose, unless the requirements for Network membership mentioned above are met. We request the public revocation of the above inaccurate statement, as well as its withdrawal before the judicial authority in which it was filed, reserving all legal rights of our Network’s secretariat.