ELTIS Training


“The role of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning for developing a resilient transport system as to COVID19 impacts and climate change”

Civinet Greece-Cyprus is pleased to invite you to its national ELTIS training which will take place on FridayOctober 8th 2021 in Athens at the OTE Academy premises.

The main goals of the training are to point out impacts and reactions of cities to the pandemic, how COVID19 has changed the way our cities and mobility system will develop and how climate change and energy efficiency take their imprint in our future development plans.

Why to attend

This is an excellent opportunity to develop strategies to meet future resilience needs that answer to pandemics, climate change and energy consumption challenges by our hands-on practical exercises. Learn how to meet SUMP principles in all of this in order to win main stakeholders and players for your case and increase chances for funding of your own activities.

This ELTIS training delivered by CIVINET Greece-Cyprus and the trainers Robert Pressl and Claus Köllinger is the perfect prelude for our December conference!

Useful information

  • In order to participate at the Workshop, a good knowledge of English is required, as no interpretation will be provided.
  • The Workshop will take place live at the OTE Academy premises according to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.
  • Participation at the workshop is free. In case of exceeding the maximum limit of participants, priority will be given to the subscriber members of CIVINET Greece-Cyprus.
  • Ote Academy facilities include free parking for 200 vehicles.

Make your registration for the Workshop, until 20/9/21, by filling this form!

Draft Agenda

Robert Pressl

For 27 years Robert Pressl coordinated and participated in a number of European projects – e.g. coordinator of Eltis (2007-2013), (2017 – ongoing), Park4SUMP, SUMP PLUS, PORTAL, ACTIVE ACCESS, ENDURANCE, PUSH&PULL; COMPETENCE and TRANSPORT LEARNING. For the finalized SUMP promotion project PROSPERITY he was the coordinator. The project’s main aim was to promote SUMP in several countries via the establishment of SUMP supporting structures and programs. In addition Robert writes articles and handbooks, works as a trainer for authorities and consultants and gives classes for employees of municipalities and energy agencies. Recently, Robert has been working on the parking policy for the Azerbaijan Capital, Baku.

Claus Köllinger

Claus Köllinger is active in the world of sustainable mobility since more than 15 years. He dedicated main parts of his work on SUMPs in the URBACT project CityMobilNet, on the central position of modal choices done once we leave our flats and houses, on promoting cycling as a lifelong approach to move around in our municipalities and cities and on optimizing companies’ mobility plans for employees, business trips and fleets. Claus looks back at a rich experience as a trainer forming part of the Transport Learning team and is leading the training package of the current ELTIS contract. Recently, Claus serves as Led Expert to the URBACT network Space4People striving to optimize public space use from the transport perspective. He was a team member for recent studies and evaluations connected to the EC’s TEN-T Regulation and the optimization of sustainable access to Europe’s airports forming part of the TEN-T network.

ELTIS – “The Urban Mobility Observatory”

ELTIS is the largest web portal on sustainable urban development in Europe. It provides news, case studies, videos, photos, tools and training materials focusing on sustainable urban mobility. ELTIS also hosting its “Mobility plans” section which is dedicated to SUMPs. At “Mobility plans” section you can find the recent SUMP guideline, all topic readers and practitioner briefs detailing the facettes of sustainable urban mobility planning as well as a city database on the state of play in SUMP development in Europe.

Visit www.eltis.org and subscribe to the ELTIS Newsletter for a monthly editorial choice of recent topics, too!

Make your registration for the Workshop, until 20/9/21, by filling this form!